[mono-packagers] [Mono-docs-list] monodoc & mcs/mono module merging

Néstor Salceda nestor.salceda at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 07:44:47 EDT 2008

El mar, 21-10-2008 a las 00:59 -0400, Jonathan Pryor escribió:
> Background: we'd the treeview to be generated at runtime, so that
> distros don't need to patch monodoc.xml to add additional documentation
> (without placing all additional documentation under the Various node).
> This is doubly useful when we have projects like Gendarme looking to
> integrate their documentation (see the gendarme google group), but the
> patches I've seen for that _also_ involve monodoc.xml changes, so the
> current monodoc.xml architecture hostile toward 3rd parties...

	Yes, that's true.  I could do it adding a <source> tag in the .source
files, but then I have several Gendarme.Rules ... nodes without a
relationship among them, under Various, and I will prefer group those
nodes under a Rules node (because perhaps a Framework node should be
added too).  I had thought about send a patch to monodoc.xml, but I
prefered wait until this stuff is finished :)

	Personally, I like the solution you have thought, nesting in
the .source files.

> With luck, we can get this finished for Mono 2.2...

	Nice, if I can help you with something; I'll be glad to do it.

> It's ~fully dynamic, so if any additional structure is desired by a 3rd
> party, they can ~trivially add it.
> Thoughts?

	Well, as it allows defining "complicated" nesting I like it.


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