[mono-packagers] sed problem

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Fri Dec 5 14:47:27 EST 2008


This is a fedora packaging problem, but one which someone here may be
able to help with.

As you are probably sick of hearing, but Fedora package to /usr/lib
and /usr/lib64. Traditionally, this meant a tonne and a half of patches
which would always have to be reworked with each build and to be honest
it's a pain!

I've now got a sed script for our spec files which fishes out all of the
instances of /usr/lib (and things similar). Unfortuately, when it builds
on x86_64, I'm finding something, somewhere is inserting /usr/lib6464
(I'm seeing it in the mono/scripts file).

Does anyone know which file I need to look at to stop this from

My sed script is this (it's not the best, but it works)

find . -name Makefile.in -or -name Makefile.am -or -name \*.pc.in \
       -or -name \*.in -or -name \*.make \
       | while read f ;
           sed -i -e 's!$(prefix)/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f" 
           sed -i -e 's!@prefix@/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f"
           sed -i -e 's!/usr/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f"
           sed -i -e 's!${prefix}/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f"
           sed -i -e 's!${exec_prefix}/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f" 
	   sed -i -e 's!$(exec_prefix)/lib!%{_libdir}!' "$f"
           sed -i -e 's!${prefix}/@reloc_libdir@!%{_libdir}!' "$f";


(building preview 2 for rawhide)
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