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That  new book I've just  come across seems to be  really amazing, it's just  has to be on your  list! Please read it here http://adele.jennstewart.com

All best, tron.thomas

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I'm  sorry,  I'm not sure I  get what your question is.  I wanted to still  be in the department. I  wanted to get my PhD, but the  department  head refused to  help me get into another lab and told me that if I talked about the  investigation or the existence of  the case and spread "rumors" (he said the complaint I made could  have been a  baseless accusation,  we didn't know  until the findings in the case were made semi-public 6 months later),  that  I could be held  legally liable for  damaging the professor's reputation.

So I was threatened not to talk and simultaneously told that it was not the DH's job to help me get into another  lab. In our  program you  can't just hop right into another  lab  and you can't graduate  without being in  a lab.

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