[Mono-osx] App crashes at mono_jit_exec when launched from Xcode

Dave Burnard dburnard at adobe.com
Wed Sep 30 15:58:36 UTC 2015

On the ElCap GM, we're seeing that our hybrid XcodeC++/XamarinC# app will launch just fine from command line or can be launched and debugged from Xamarin. But if we launch the app from Xcode 6 (or 7) we crash trying to load our main assembly via mono_jit_exec. We can attach Xcode after initialization and then debug. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

We're on the stable channel. A bit more detail: We don't use Xamarin.Mac, we're not making any OS X API calls from our C# code (just engine code and calls to/from our native code). Late last week I downloaded mono- and built and substituted those binaries into our process - but saw the same crash launching from Xcode (could see more levels on the stack, though they were greek to me).

Anyone else seeing this, or have any recommendations for fixes or workarounds?

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