[Mono-osx] Ported Win App to Mac, now need to build Mac .pkg

jds at theatrewireless.com jds at theatrewireless.com
Thu Jan 8 17:54:41 UTC 2015

Hi Ed.  Thanks for your reply.

I have successfully create a .app file, so that works.  What I was 
hoping to avoid was hassling our customers to separately download and 
install Mono.

The other problem I'm already seeing is that customers are annoyed (or 
even troubled and suspicious) because of the minute long delay when a 
Mono application is run for the first time after installing the 
framework.  Obviously that problem isn't solved just by packaging.  :(


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>>  How do I turn my Windows Mono solution into a Mac Mono solution that 
>>  build a installer package?
>Do you specifically need an installer package? Lots and lots of mac 
>apps distribute as simple DMG's that contain an .app, with a shortcut 
>to Applications. Drag & Drop, Done.
>I don't know how to create .pkg installers. I know we spent some time 
>looking at it, working on it, didn't reach a result that we liked, and 
>we settled on using DropDMG to create DMG files which will prompt for 
>license acceptance before showing the .app and shortcut to 

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