[Mono-osx] MonoMac app crashing because it's trying to access files it shouldn't

Maurício Linhares mauricio.linhares at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 19:41:35 UTC 2013

I'm getting a really weird behaviour here.

For some reason the mono runtime is making calls to the filesystem and
I can't see where these calls are being made. This wouldn't usually be
an issue, but this app is being ported to run on Apple's sandbox and
the files it's trying to access are outside of the paths allowed by
the sandbox and the sandboxd process is killing my app because of

Here's a sample -> https://gist.github.com/mauricio/1f19c74cf1d3037a3f08

Where it tries to access the file
"/Users/apoorvthakur/.config/.mono/certs/Trust". And I have seen this
happen while trying to access other files as well.

How can I figure out when/why/how Mono is making these calls and how
can I stop it from doing so?


Maurício Linhares
http://mauricio.github.com/ - http://twitter.com/#!/mauriciojr

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