[Mono-osx] Usage examples for noobs

Никита Зуев nikitazu at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 20:37:41 UTC 2013

	Hello everyone.

Not long ago I've started using Xamarin Studio (MonoDevelop) to create cross platform app for osx,win and linux. While reading through documentation and examples I've stumbled upon some problems that look like trivial things for experienced programmer, but really hard for a newbie, mostly because development goes with applying many different technologies at the same time in one project. 

For me, coming from .Net land (WinForms, WPF) and little experience with cocoa+objective-c, most hard parts were communicating between XIB in Xcode and .Net classes. 

So while googling and googling I also documented some parts of the process with screenshots and explanations for myself, and thought maybe some other newbies like me can use those. Doing a simple grid with a bunch of images and text bound to List of .Net objects should be achiveable in a couple of hours, not days :)

The question is: Is there a way to share my screenshots with textual explanations in a way they can be easily found by MonoMac newbie developers, and can someone here review them?

For now step-by-step examples I have are:
1. Connecting UI event handlers in XCode so they are visible from MonoDevelop
2. Creating View-based NSTableView bound to array controller, and filling it with .Net objects

Not sure whether it is appropriate to attach images to mailing-list email… Will that be okay?

Nikita B. Zuev <nikitazu at gmail.com>

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