[Mono-osx] NSFont retain

renan jegouzo renan.jegouzo at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 14:47:20 UTC 2012


I have a problem with NSFont, it seems that I can't keep a valid 
reference to it,
after a (short) time the NSFont is broken (NSFont.Handle become null),

for now I fixed the problem by instanciate a new NSFont each time I need 
to show text, and release it juste after.
but it's slow, when I have tons of objects on the screen.
and I would prefer to keep on my Template object, some ref on the NSFont 
I use..

all my UI is in opengl, running on CVDisplayLink thread,
nothing run on main thread, except the capture of needed events (mouse, 
that are batched to the Cvdisplaylink thread via LIFO stacks.

also, the CVdisplaylink thread has an NSAutoreleasePool

do you know, what can be the problem ?


renan jegouzo (YoY)
software developer
email: renan at aestesis.org
web:   http://aestesis.net/

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