[Mono-osx] HandleDidClickTableColumn Issue

Robert Verdes italo_roby at yahoo.it
Thu Nov 29 20:26:22 UTC 2012

I'm making a zip of the project right now 

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Inviato: Giovedì 29 Novembre 2012 21:15
Oggetto: Re: HandleDidClickTableColumn Issue

Can you share a repro 
project out somewhere? 

The current auto-delegate event code sometimes requires that you keep a 
reference around to the object you're subscribing to or any number of 
weird issues crop up when the GC kicks in as I discovered in bug #8585. 
In this case, are you hanging onto tblTabella somewhere outside of the 
method where you're doing your subscribing? 

As I recall, the runtime also appears to overwrite (without throwing or 
at least writing a warning to the console) any custom delegate you may 
have set on an object and replaces it with the automatic one during 
event subscription. Are you setting a custom delegate somewhere and then
 later subscribing to this event which might be unbinding your custom 

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>November 29, 2012 2:53 AM
>I have a NSTableView with a Custom NSTableViewDataSource;
>The TableView is cell based view 
 problem i have is that when i try to handle this event
 += HandleDidClickTableColumn;
>my data doesn't show anymore
just enter GetRowCount but doesn't enter anymore in GetObjectValue 
 i comment the row //tblTabella.DidClickTableColumn +=
 the data is shown 
>but i need to handle that event to be able to 
sort data based on the column
>the user clicked 
>Is there any other
 way of doing it?
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