[Mono-osx] Lion support

Jon Lipsky jon.lipsky at elevenworks.com
Sat Mar 10 15:20:14 UTC 2012

Hi David,

It's relatively simple to add additional (missing) binding into MonoMac, and I've never run into any issues using a version built from source.  (As a side note, I'm doing it right now in my current project.)

If you run into any problems adding that binding, let me know and I'll help you do it.


On Mar 10, 2012, at 7:56 AM, David Black wrote:

> Hi all
> I was wondering if there is any information on when the Lion support for MonoMac will be released? I noticed the other day that Miguel's blog said they were using it quite heavily internally at Xamarin. Is the Lion support tied to a specific Monodevelop release or is it independent? I really need to get at the NSTableView viewForTableColumn method which is available in the lion module.
> I guess I could always build from source and use the GitHub version, does anyone do this? is it relatively safe?
> D
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