[Mono-osx] Odd behavior with MonoMac

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 23:29:42 UTC 2012

On 3 June 2012 21:14, JayDZimmerman <mono at zimmail.us> wrote:
> In an effort to take advantage of the Xcode interface, I upgraded all of my
> components. I first removed pre-existing versions of Xcode, the Mono
> framework and MonoDevelop, and then installed the following:
> Xcode 4.2 for Snow Leopard
> Mono framework 2.10.9_11
> MonoDevelop 3.0.2
> I am now seeing an odd issue that seems to be unique to me (at least from my
> Google searches), so it may be some mistake on my part. The constructors in
> my "AppDelegate" and "MainWindowController" classes are never being called.
> From within MonoDevelop, I create a new MonoMac Project. I then add a
> "Console.WriteLine()" statement to the "Initialize" method of the
> "MainWindowController" class with a breakpoint, build the project and debug
> it. The MainWindow shows as expected, but nothing else.
> I cannot locate any glaring problems in the C# code or from within Xcode,
> and the project files are not being changed from the way MonoDevelop created
> them, so I'm not sure where to look.

The value for the main NIB file (NSMainNibFile) in the Info.plist of
the default template in MD versions 3.0 through 3.0.2 was broken - it
should be MainMenu, not MainWindow. Fortunately it's easy to fix in
the Info.plist editor.

Michael Hutchinson

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