[Mono-osx] Open Feint integration

Eduardo Jimenez barkley at eclipse-games.net
Sat Jan 28 10:19:36 UTC 2012


I have to integrate a game I'm currently working on with OpenFeint. 
OpenFeint provides a Xcode project instead of a static library so I 
understand I will have to create a new project in Xcode to build a 
static library to support OpenFeint and then bind that library to Mono, 

Do you know if I'm making any mistake and if not, if there's a place 
anywhere where I could find tutorials or instructions to do so, 
particularly the Xcode building part. Also, this library comes with a 
bundle of resources, I suppose I should reference that bundle in the 
MonoTouch project, right? Any information on that part would be greatly 
appreciated too.

Oh, of course, if someone else has already made that binding and has 
released the code or the dll I'd really appreciate you pointing me to 
it. Not really interested in re-doing it again if someone else has 
already done it!

Best regards,

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