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That looks fine, although you'll almost certainly want to follow up with NSTableView part 2 to cover columns and implementing NSTableViewDelegate since almost all tables will have multiple columns and a delegate to further customize table behavior.

Usually setting each column's identifier property in Interface Builder to a identifying string is a good idea. You can then know what column is being referred to in ObjectValueForTableColumn by examining the col param's identifier.

I'm not sure what to think of your first statement. By setting the table view's dataSource property, we _are_ telling the table what to do (i.e., "send a message to the dataSource object whenever you need to know how many rows are in the table or to get a cell's value"). This is the way most grids generally work.



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Ok. I uploaded a second tutorial (and fixed the file name of the first).

It's about NSTableView.

Both tutorials and future tutorials can be found here:


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