[Mono-osx] Native code binding problem with Flurry

Eduardo Jimenez barkley at eclipse-games.net
Mon Jan 23 15:26:51 UTC 2012

Hi guys,

I've recently encountered an odd problem while bind a native library to 
my MonoTouch project. I was trying to bind the latest Flurry SDK 
libraries (v3.0.7) to my iPad/iPhone project and it kept crashing on the 
View constructor (it's a game so on the iPhoneOpenGLView constructor I 
believe) but, and that's the really weird part, sometimes it simply 
worked, and sometimes (after a different compilation) it didn't. So 
seemingly randomly, after a compilation the game would run perfectly 
fine or would crash on construction.

I've been several hours doing tests and stuff and have finally gotten to 
a configuration that seems to work. I've activated the "Use LLVM 
optimizing compiler" option and set it to support only ARMv7 (after all 
this game uses OpenGL ES 2.0 so it only runs in 3GS and later) and it 
seems to be working just fine.

I must say that I've set the project in Flurry to be an iPhone project, 
but it's universal and I was doing my tests on an iPad. And I don't have 
the slightest idea if the library provided by Flurry is compiled for 
i386, ARMv6, ARMv7 or a mix of several of them.

In any case I would really appreciate it if someone could shed some 
light on what may be the problem I was seeing and confirm/deny that the 
solution I came up with is valid. I need to do a similar thing with Open 
Feint and maybe MdotM so I would really appreciate it if I knew I'm not 
making mistakes that may be obvious to some of you guys.

BTW, I would be more than happy to publish my library anywhere if it's 
going to be useful for anyone. Also, feel free to point me to better 
ways of doing all this or already existing MonoTouch libraries for any 
of the systems named below.


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