[Mono-osx] Using Mono to View Website Running .NET Framework

Uli Hertlein uli at xdt.com.au
Mon Jan 16 04:11:53 UTC 2012

Hi Topianno,

On 16/01/2012 14:03, topianno wrote:
> I am looking for a solution to using a website that's framework is .NET.
> The website is a electronic medical records site called: Digichart.
> Currently their system is only supported on Windows using Internet Explorer
> to access their system.
> My question is: Has anyone had any experience using Mono or any other
> application for using a web-based service that is developed on .NET.
> I would like to avoid being forced to use Windows to access this system.  I
> am trying to find a solution.

In the system as you describe it, running Mono on the client won't help you.

If it's a web-based application (.Net or not) then you *should* be able 
to use any browser to access the system.  Unless of course it's in some 
way 'optimised' for IE or is using IE-specific tags etc.

What Mono can help you with is if you host the .Net service on a Unix 
box rather than on Windows.


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