[Mono-osx] error with AOT compile on MonoMac

Troy Dawson troy-dawson at comcast.net
Mon Feb 27 05:53:06 UTC 2012

On Feb 26, 2012, at 9:16 PM, Eric Vandenberg <ericsv at live.com> wrote:

> Any help would be appreciated

Apple has bunged things up a bit by moving  away from a Unixy developer environment.

"find / -name as 2> /dev/null" in the console will go find all the as executables on your system.

I've got as's all over the place, but am running 10.8 beta 1 and none in my path now.

My 10.7 volume has:


Xcode 4.3 and newer will install these for you if you open up Xcode > Preferences > Downloads:


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