[Mono-osx] NIB files in non-executable assemby problem

Chris Hamons chris.hamons at ni.com
Wed Feb 15 17:53:57 UTC 2012

After understanding/working on the problem further, I simplified the 
problem into two questions:


This is the base MonoMac starting project with a few changes:

- I added a new project of type library and made the executable depend on 
- I added a new "Cocoa Window with Controller" to the library.
- I commented out the contents of AppDelegate:FinishedLaunching and try to 
instance the Library's window controller

The "MainWindow" inside the executable has no problem being shown. If I 
try to show the new window inside Library instead, I see one of two 
             - controller.Window is null
             - I get a cast error inside the strongly typed Window 

If I copy the window {.cs/.designer.cs/.xib/Controler.cs} from the library 
and paste it inside the executable assembly, everything starts working.

1) Do all components of a project that require supporting nib files need 
to live inside the executable project? 
2) Is there a build setting I can change to fix my example?

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