[Mono-osx] Some strange problems in our MonoMac app after updating to MonoDevelop

Steve Orth steven.orth at ni.com
Wed Aug 1 16:18:15 UTC 2012

We've noticed two odd behaviors (so far) after updating to MonoDevelop yesterday. We are building a largish MonoMac application.

1) NSObject.PerformSelector() doesn't always execute the selector
2) NSOpenPanel.BeginSheet() moves the window, and the sheet does not 
appear; you can hit <ESC> to 'dismiss' the sheet, and the window moves 
back to its original location

We built the same sources before and after the update, and only those 
built w/ exhibit the above problems. Changing PerformSelector() 
calls to NSObject.BeginInvoke() seems to address the occasional missed 
selector invocation, but makes no difference in the behavior of 

We're working on finding a simpler way to reproduce the issue, but are 
hoping that perhaps someone else here has some insight.


Steve Orth
National Instruments
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