[Mono-osx] VillainTracker example -> How to set minimal control width and height

Tomas Trescak tomi.trescak at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 10:08:06 UTC 2012


This should probably go to some COCOA forum, but since I am pure C# 
programmer, it feel safer in this group and my problem concerns the 
example from Monomac library.

When running the VillainTracker example and changing size of the window, 
when making window smaller and hiding the table view, or any box .. the 
interface goes bonkers moving automatically resizable components to 
other locations.

I have found out, that when I don't let such control to reach width and 
height 0, that is completely hiding them everything is fine.
This behavior is partially solvable by setting minimal dimension of a 

The problem appears when using a SplitView, which allows me to 
completely hide one of the panes, and then, when reappearing, the 
controls that were automatically sized (for width or height) are moved.

So, my question is:

IS there a possibility to set a minimal control size so it doeas not get 
smaller than (width, height)?



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