[Mono-osx] Putting Images in a Subfolder

Mikkel Lønow mloenow at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 08:58:29 EDT 2011


I haven't done any MonoMac development yet, but if it's like MonoTouch, you
can't have a folder named "resources". That's the only reserved name AFAIK.

Hope this helps.


On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 13:57, Andrew Ayre <andy at britishideas.com> wrote:

> Hi, In my MonoDevelop project I've added an image called "open.png" to
> it and I've set the build action to "Content". In Interface Builder I
> select the toolbar item and for the Image Name I've entered "open".
> This works fine however I want to group all images into a subfolder.
> I created a folder in MonoDevelop called "resources" and moved the image
> into it. In Interface builder I tried all of the following for the Image
> Name and none of them worked:
>  open
>  resources/open
>  resources/open.png
>  /resources/open.png
> Cleaning the project and rebuilding didn't help. What should I enter
> into Interface Builder to get it to work?
> thanks, Andy
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