[Mono-osx] Debugger problems with MonoMac since Mono 2.10.3 Update

Eric J. M. Smith eric at tarkvara.org
Sat Sep 10 18:09:31 EDT 2011

On 8-Aug-2011, at 13:10, jazzay wrote:

> Since updating to the latest Mono 2.10.3 SDK I can no longer debug within a
> MonoMac application. Setting any breakpoints causes the application to
> stall. Neither MonoDevelop 2.4 or 2.6.Beta work. I am running OSX Lion 10.7.
> To reproduce simply create a new MonoMac project, build, then set a
> breakpoint in AppDelegate.FinishedLaunching. Note the debugger never hits
> the breakpoint yet application output says that it resolved the breakpoint.
> None of the debug step buttons activate and the app is hung.

Hi jazzay,

Did you ever have any success resolving this?  I've been experiencing the same debugger behaviour.  I'm sure that breakpoints were functional in the past.  I've tried both "Mono Soft Debugger" and "Mono Soft Debugger for MonoMac" with the same results.  Any suggestions?


Eric Smith
Tarkvara Design Inc.

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