[Mono-osx] WinForms Cocoa Driver: nee help with strong name error & other issues

Lee V. Andrus landrus2 at by-rite.net
Tue May 17 17:55:36 EDT 2011

After getting very busy for several months, I am again working on my Cocoa
Driver for Mono's System.Windows.Forms.  I have switched my bridge product
from MCocoa/MObjC to MonoMac.  I had to paper over the lack of some methods
(surprisingly including the ubiquitous "description").  I have considered
adding these methods to MonoMac and submitting diffs, but the multi-pass
build process is confusing and I am not certain where to patch.  There seems
to be an interface file and at least one class file for each class.

But my biggest problem is that the compiler insists that MonoMac have a
strong name.  Can MonoMac be given a strong name?  What is the best way to
get the encryption key to create a strong name?  Should one copy the strong
name file from the WinForms source?  Or can this requirement be set aside?

Can someone tell me how threads are implemented in Mono on the Mac? 
Specifically, do they use fibers or a thread pool?  Or is there a 1-to-1
correspondence between Mono threads and Mac threads?  Is there a way to
determine which Mac NSThread corresponds to a Mono Thread object (not the
current or main thread) or vise versa?

Do Mac UI elements always belong to the main thread and are they unsafe to
access from other threads?  I know that on MS-Windows, a controls can be
created on another thread and receives Windows messages on the thread that
created it.  But everything I have seen on threading and UI on the Mac seems
to assume they are on the main thread.

Currently my Cocoa Driver (like the other drivers) is implemented within
System.Windows.Forms.dll.  This raises some dependency issues with MonoMac,
especially the issue of whether MonoMac can build on non-Mac systems. 
Moving the driver to a separate assembly could eliminate the dependency
issue--although probably not the strong name issue.  Can anyone speak to how
advisable this would be?

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