[Mono-osx] Need a replacement for NSWindow.Close()

Maxi Combina maxi.combina at passwordbank.com
Tue Mar 29 05:54:17 EDT 2011


I have a Borderless window which can not be closed with PerformClose(),
since this method (as per Apple documentation) "simulates the user clicking
the close button" and "if the windows doesn't ahve a close button or can't
be closed [...], the system emits the alert sound".
For closing a window I used the "Close()" method. But in the current
src/appkit.cs the "Close()" is commented out:

/* NSWindow.Close by default calls [window release]
                 * This will cause a double free in our code since we're not
aware of this
                 * and we end up GCing the proxy eventually and sending our
own release
                 * Removing this method for now
                [Export ("close")]
                void Close ();

I am looking for a way of closing (and releasing) the window.
Any ideas?


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