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Safeer Mohiuddin safeer at mezznow.com
Thu Mar 17 03:38:41 EDT 2011

This is the very little code that I have:

namespace MezzMac
public class CustomTableCell : NSCell {

public CustomTableCell () {
System.Console.WriteLine("this is showing up");


public override void DrawWithFrame (System.Drawing.RectangleF cellFrame, NSView inView) {
System.Console.WriteLine("this is not showing up");

base.DrawWithFrame (cellFrame, inView);

I'm trying to create a cell with a ImageView and a Subtitle similar to MonoTouch. 
On Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 7:53 AM, Miguel de Icaza wrote: 
> Hello,
> > Has anyone had any success in customizing a NSCell in a TableView.
> > It's very easy to do in the iOS world and MonoTouch but I'm having a very
> > hard time doing the same in MonoMac. Any help appreciated.
> Please post a basic sample, so that if anyone wants to help, he does
> not have to do all the legwork just to help with this bit.
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