[Mono-osx] AppKit.NSTableView

Chris Van Wyk Chris.VanWyk at mixtelematics.com
Wed Mar 16 15:35:29 EDT 2011

Hi people,

I'm missing something simple here, but I'm not sure what. I create the .xib layout in Interface builder, expecting to see in the .designer.cs file:

private global::MonoMac.AppKit.NSTableView __mt_someTable;

However, the following is created:

private global::MonoMac.Foundation.NSObject __mt_someTables;

I can rename the type to the required AppKit.NSTableView, but as soon as I do modifications via Interface builder the changes are reverted to the original Doundation.NSObject. Working with the monomac-samples the above does not occur, i.e. AppKit.NSTableView stays AppKit.NSTableView.

I'm using MonoMac version and Interface Builder 3.2.5.

Thanks in advance.

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