[Mono-osx] [MonoMac] NeHe lessons 1 through 5

kjpou kjpou at pt.lu
Mon Mar 14 15:12:40 EDT 2011



Again with the tabs/spaces.  Really thought I got all of them this 
time.  I did the originals in 2.4 and then went through them again with 
2.6 beta to reformat them using tabs with format document.

I thought I got all the basic constructors.  Ah just looked and did not 
do that for the MainWindow.cs.

using statements I usually leave the defaults when the project is 
created.  Will do those as well.


On 3/14/11 6:22 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello Kenneth,
>> Here are the first 5 NeHe OpenGL Lessons to be placed in the samples.
>> Will be sending 6 through 9 in a separate one.
> Thanks!
> As usual, I did some editing to the samples, but I would love if you
> could make these changes before you send them:
> * The tabs/spaces are randomly wrong in various places.   It seems
> like you are mixing editors, and you are not using tabs.   Sometimes
> your editor replaces the tabs with 8 spaces, which means that
> MonoDevelop will butcher the formatting of your files.   I had to fix
> all the samples.   In particular the file Scene.cs seems to be pretty
> bad about this.
> * For classes that have basic constructors that do nothing, I remove
> all the boilerplate that says #region Constructors" and the calls to
> the empty Initialize.
> * I tend to remove all the unneeded using statements from the files as well.
> Miguel

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