[Mono-osx] Writing my first MonoMac program

Krishna Ganugapati krishnag at vmware.com
Thu Mar 10 13:15:17 EST 2011


I started on my first MonoMac program and have two questions

1)  How do I add additional interfaces (xibs) through Monodevelop - as in how do I implement panels - is there an example?

2) Is there an example that shows wiring outlets and actions of the MainMenu?

In the Cocoa programming book, I can have my Menu.xib have a NSWindow and a Controller and  build both a window app and its associated MainMenu manager  through the same ObjectController - how do I do something similar in Monodevelop - my example here would have just a single MainMenu.xib - by default the MonoDevelop environment brings up two xibs - MainMenu.xib and MainWindow.xib

The first question is an extension to the above point. I now want to add additional panels - the equivalent of Windows dialog boxes -  my novice understanding gives me to believe that I would create a separate  Panel.xib for every  "dialog box" I want to create - how does Monodevelop handle this  or is the idea that  I create panel objects as part of my MainWindow.xib



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