[Mono-osx] Accessing MainWindowController from MainWindow

Steve Hannah steve at weblite.ca
Wed Mar 9 20:48:32 EST 2011

Hi All,

Just starting out with my first Cocoa/Mono app and I'm going through the
learning curve.  After creating a new project it creates 2 .cs files under
my MainWindow.xib:
1. MainWindow.cs
2. MainWindowController.cs

Accessing the widgets of the xib from the MainWindowController seems to
work.  But not from the MainWindow.  (e.g. if I have a text field in the xib
named "myTextField", I can access it in MainWindowController using the
variable "myTextField", but can't seem to do that from within the MainWindow
class.  What is the best way to access the XIB file widgets or the
corresponding MainWindowController object from inside the MainWindow class?

Thanks for your help.

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