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Point taken.

I guess backwards compatibility was a bad choice of words.  It was more 
a question of helping to port other apps to MonoMac.  Like I said do not 
know much about the API's of OpenGL so am not sure how prevalent the 
code use of GLU is in the wild or in best practice.

Thanks again.


On 3/3/11 11:57 AM, Stefanos A. wrote:
> Backwards compatibility in MonoMac..?
> OpenTK 1.0 has to support applications written for older versions (0.3 
> or 0.9), so it makes sense to keep obsolete namespaces around. MonoMac 
> doesn't have this issue, since this is going to be the very first 
> version with OpenGL support.
> 2011/3/3 kjpou <kjpou at pt.lu <mailto:kjpou at pt.lu>>
>     Stefanos
>     Sorry replied to the other thread and want to keep it together.
>     Even for backwards compatibility?
>     That is basically what OpenTK has done as well with their
>     OpenTK.Compatibilty namespace.  Sorry can not comment on Tao
>     framework.
>     Kenneth
>     On 3/3/11 11:23 AM, Stefanos A. wrote:
>>     #2 - GLU is not accelerated at all. It provides CPU-only
>>     functionality (OS version does not matter).
>>     #6 - GLU can be recreated using just OpenGL 1.1 functions.
>>     The reason why GLU is deprecated in OpenGL 3.0 (and removed in
>>     higher versions) is that it utilizes functionality that is no
>>     longer available in recent OpenGL versions, namely immediate mode
>>     rendering. Its shape functions and math functions are trivial to
>>     reimplement; the tessellator is more complex (but someone has
>>     already written one for XNA, which can be adapted if necessary);
>>     its nurbs functionality is generally uninteresting (I've seen a
>>     single request for them in the five years I've been working with
>>     Tao & OpenTK).
>>     My advice: don't bother with GLU, it's obsolete and was only ever
>>     useful for quick demos. If necessary, reimplement the functions
>>     used in your demos directly in C#.
>>     My 2cc (and what we've done in OpenTK).
>>     2011/3/3 kjpou <kjpou at pt.lu <mailto:kjpou at pt.lu>>
>>         Hello everyone
>>         Geoff and I were discussing the use of GLU on the monomac irc
>>         this
>>         morning and we both came to a stand still on the way forward.
>>         These are some of the issues that came up.
>>         #1 - Does it work in lion? (this can not be discussed because
>>         of NDA)
>>         #2 - Does it work _accelerated_ in lion? (this can not be
>>         discussed
>>         because of NDA)
>>         #3 - Is it deprecated in lion (this can not be discussed
>>         because of NDA)
>>         #4 - Can we just update the samples to work in 10.6 and not
>>         worry about
>>         this?
>>         #5 - Go ahead and include a GLU binding but mark it as
>>         [Obsolete] but
>>         still usable.
>>         #6 - All the reading I have done says most of Glu can be
>>         replaced with
>>         OpenGL 3.x.  Apple is still on 2.1 or something like that so
>>         that makes
>>         it a little harder to replace some of the functionality.
>>         I am not an OpenGL person at all and as a matter of fact this
>>         is my
>>         first introduction to it nor is Geoff an OpenGL-ist so we are
>>         going to
>>         have to rely on everyone's opinion here.
>>         Just as an exercise I went out to good 'ole google and tried
>>         searching
>>         for some replacements for Glu in the GLFullScreen example.
>>         Glu.Perspective:
>>         I found a replacement for Perspective and that is Frustrum.
>>          Ok that was
>>         fine and even tested that out with success.
>>         Sphere drawing with gluSphere and Quadratic
>>         The only thing I found were discussions that said use
>>         gluSphere or write
>>         your own.
>>         Should it be necessary to have everyone write their own when
>>         it already
>>         exists and is riddled throughout sample after sample
>>         including OpenGL
>>         site samples?
>>         All you OpenGL people please weight in and give your thoughts
>>         to this
>>         subject so that we can continue in the most direct and
>>         proficient way
>>         that will benefit you.
>>         Kenneth
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