[Mono-osx] CoreMIDI Progress

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Jan 28 16:51:38 EST 2011

Hello Peter,

> 1.  Since the CoreMIDI API is available on iOS, I've moved it to code
> to the maccore repository on my github page
> (https://github.com/peterallenwebb/maccore) and added the constants
> and Make.shared file changes to the corresponding monomac repo to get
> it built into the libraries.


> 2.  Made most of the changes you suggested in your review.


> Feel free to take a look at the changes as they stand now and let me
> know what you think, but I will spend some more time this weekend
> reviewing, testing, and completing the bindings, so it may be best to
> wait if you want to do a second round of review.

Some comments on the current code:

CoreMIDI namespace should be changed to CoreMidi per the FDG


The Handle property should be defined as read-only, perhaps you can do a
{ get; private set; }

The Dispose there should be used to implement the Dispose pattern which
is not implemented there:


Currently as it is, it poses a problem as it makes Dispose an abstract
method, which is later overwritten in derived classes, but that is the
wrong method to override.   The one that needs to be made virtual and
exposed in the base is Dispose (bool disposing), so the logic for the
core Dispose () method is done once, and derived classes only implement
Dispose (bool dispoing).


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