[Mono-osx] Unhandled error in packaging

Steve Hannah steve at weblite.ca
Thu Jan 20 20:26:07 EST 2011

Thanks Miguel,

That's probably it.  The Apple Developer site is currently giving a 404
error when I try to download the application tools, but I'm sure they'll
have it online before long so I can give it a try.

Best regards


On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 5:19 PM, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com> wrote:

> Hello Steve,
> > By "Apple Applications Tools", are you referring to the Apple Developers
> > tools (e.g. X Code) from Apple's website?  I do have those.
> No, there is another one spelled out in the web site, it is a separate
> tiny download.
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