[Mono-osx] Winform on 64 bit OSX

Tomasz Muszynski thom at union.waw.pl
Wed Jan 19 06:04:28 EST 2011

Wiadomość napisana przez sebi77 w dniu 2011-01-19, o godz. 12:00:
> I have a .Net application what I want to port to OSX, therefore I use Mono.
> Up to now my Winform app works somehow, but with several errors. Now I'm
> reading:
> "Mono's implementation of the System.Windows.Forms API is built on top of
> Carbon and can only run with Mono on 32 bit systems."
> http://www.mono-project.com/Mono:OSX
> That means it doesn't work at all on a 64 bit system? (I have a 64bit 10.6
> OSX). If this is the case, I have to rewrite the app with GTK#? I don't want
> that, because Windows is the most important target platform, and with
> Winform I be sure the app works on Windows at least. If I have to rewrite
> everything, maybe I have to choose QT?

You should rewrite only GUI part. On Windows use Windows.Forms, on OS X use Cocoa (MonoMac), on Linux use GTK #. OS X users don't like tools where GUI doesn't conform to Apple Guide Style.



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