[Mono-osx] [MonoMac] Core Animation duplicate definitions

kjpou kjpou at pt.lu
Sat Jan 15 02:44:26 EST 2011


While merging my changes for coreanimation I found a couple of duplicate 
definitions within coreanimation.cs and CADefs.cs


         [Field ("kCATransitionFade")]
         NSString TransitionFade { get; }

         [Field ("kCATransitionMoveIn")]
         NSString TransitionMoveIn { get; }

         [Field ("kCATransitionPush")]
         NSString TransitionPush { get; }

         [Field ("kCATransitionReveal")]
         NSString TransitionReveal { get; }

         [Field ("kCATransitionFromRight")]
         NSString TransitionFromRight { get; }

         [Field ("kCATransitionFromLeft")]
         NSString TransitionFromLeft { get; }

         [Field ("kCATransitionFromTop")]
         NSString TransitionFromTop { get; }

         [Field ("kCATransitionFromBottom")]
         NSString TransitionFromBottom { get; }


     partial class CATransition {
         const string Fade = "fade";
         const string MoveIn = "moveIn";
         const string Push = "push";
         const string Reveal = "reveal";

         const string FromRight = "fromRight";
         const string FromLeft = "fromLeft";
         const string FromTop = "fromTop";
         const string FromBottom = "fromBottom";

Which is the way that they are to be defined?  [Field] or within the 
CADefs class with const strings:

If you want them defined in the CADefs.cs class defined as constants 
then they should be public so Intellisense has access to them.

I like the [Field] definition in case Apple decides to change them in 
the future.  Of course you may have reasons for defining them with 

I did not create a patch to make them public but did in my maccore here 
with success.  Let me know which way and will create one.


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