[Mono-osx] [MonoMac] Pragmatic's Core Animation for Mac OS X

kjpou kjpou at pt.lu
Sat Jan 15 01:39:02 EST 2011

Hello all

Have had this for quite a while and am finally getting it out there.

This being the first of seven chapters I have converted from the book:

Core Animation for Mac OS X and the iPhone: Creating Compelling Dynamic 
User Interfaces by Bill Dudney


Miguel is there anyway we might put these into it's own directory so 
people will not get confused  about what they are?

For instance maybe a top directory for the book name of your choosing -> 

CocoaAnimation because that is the name of the first chapter.

So for instance the first one would go like this:

[Book Name] -> CocoaAnimation -> FirstAnimation

Not sure how much of a PITA that would be but also not sure it would be 
very easy to find them if mixed in with the others.

I have to go in and reformat all the projects to fit within the MonoMac 
samples format that you use so the rest will come as I finish those up.


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