[Mono-osx] CoreMIDI Progress

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Jan 11 09:44:24 EST 2011

Hello Peter,

Your suggestions make sense to me, except one. The MIDIObjectRef values
> returned by the various functions in the CoreMIDI API are not pointers but
> rather unsigned 32-bit integers used as unique identifiers for the various
> "midi objects". Given that fact, I don't think it makes sense to use
> INativeObject, unless I am confused about something.

The "Handle" is merely that, a token that represents the unmanaged object.
There is no magic associated with the IntPtr, other than the fact that an
IntPtr can fit both an "int" and the native platform "void *", which happens
to be two common ways of representing tokens in C APIs.

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