[Mono-osx] newbie mono developer needs advice on app

Brian O'Neill brian at freshideas.ie
Fri Feb 25 06:54:23 EST 2011

Hi I am new to mono development and was hoping to get some advice.

We are trying to develop GTK# 2.0 application with mono 2.10 working on Mac
Snow Leoplard 10.6+. We are using a 3rd party .NET dll in our mono project
on Mac. This 3rd party dll is referencing libgdiplus library which is later
referencing libfreetype.dylib library located at
/usr/X11/lib/libfreetype.dylib (at least this location is shown in mono
debug mode when running our app).

Currently we face 2 issues:

1) we get an error that libfreetype.dylib version is old, mono debug says
there is 10.0 but it should be 13.0
Question is can we just overwrite that lib with new one in package installer
on mac? We have copied libfreetype.dylib from X11 xquartz 2.6.0 and that
solved this issue (just to clear things out installing xquartz 2.6.0 does
not solve out issue, we still get that error).
Can we somehow add a reference to new libfreetype.dylib from mono project?

2) after manual update to libfreetype.dylib version 13.0 we get another
error that /usr/share/fonts/ttf are missing, but there is no such folder in
default X11 install, again we did a manual copy of fonts folder from xquartz
2.6.0 install, after that our application was working fine.
Question is can we bundle fonts folder in the package installer and install
it on mac without any issues?

Any help or clues would be very helpful.


Brian O'Neill
FreshIdeas: Website Development,
Internet Strategy & Online Marketing
Email: brian at freshideas.ie
Website: http://www.freshideas.ie
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