[Mono-osx] FtpWebRequest "Not connected"

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Feb 23 23:36:33 EST 2011

> I am porting a device management application from Windows to OSX and am
> having problems with the FtpWebRequest system. I distilled an example of the
> issue down to the code sample below. When run in OSX an exception is thrown
> stating "Not connected". This is odd because if I put in the wrong
> credentials then it gives the error: "Server returned an error: 530 Login
> incorrect" which implies that it the "Not connected" error is happening
> after a successful authentication.

It could be a bug in Mono's implementation, not really an OSX bug.

Try running an OpenSUSE Virtual Machine and running the same test
there, it would help us isolate if this is an OSX-ism, or a Mono-ism.


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