[Mono-osx] [MonoMac] OpenTK Cocoa bindings

Geoff Norton gnorton at novell.com
Fri Feb 18 12:21:05 EST 2011


  This is a fantastic start, thanks!  There are still some carbon-isms on the code that I want to clean up, so for now Ive merged it into the opentk build system on a fork.  MonoMac will be using:


For the integration work that still needs to happen I've landed the code mostly as is to:


on the cocoa-refactor branch


Any interested parties can now check this code out and manually creating a GraphicsContext as outlined:


Should work (just replace Carbon for Cocoa accordingly).

The next steps as I see it are:

#1: Clean up the carbon-isms that are left in the backend
#2: Figure out a clean way to get the factory to determine between Cocoa and Carbon, so that we dont have to manually patch out carbon
#3: Build a MonoMacGLView that does all the context setup automagically for people
  -> Should this live in MonoMac.dll giving us a strong dep on OpenTK
  -> Should this live in OpenTK.dll giving it a strong dep on MonoMac
  -> Should this live as a project template in MD?

Comments appreciated.


On 2011-02-17, at 11:42 AM, kjpou wrote:

> Geoff
> Here is another shot at cleaning them up.
> These should go in the Platform.MacOS
> Kenneth
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