[Mono-osx] Cairo Bug/Crash Demo Test Solution

Ashok Gelal ashokgelal at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 00:20:35 EST 2011

Hi Miguel,
I don't know if you remember but on IRC last week I asked help on 'Cairo
Crashing on Mac'. You asked me to cook up a Test program for testing. I've
attached a compressed MonoDevelop solution that demonstrates this crash.
After running the program you can try resizing/minimizing/maximizing the
window, or let it run for few minutes, and it crashes immediately. This test
class is drawing a time range on a drawing window (sort of a
timecoursegraph). In fact, this is a stripped down version of the one of the
components of the program that I'm currently working on. If you are able to
run this program, you can see that as of now running any Cairo related
drawing is pretty unusable on Mac. Please note that this works fine on

Let me know if it doesn't compile/run or you have any other problems with
the attached CairoBugDemo.zip file. I desperately need help on fixing this

Ashok Gelal
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