[Mono-osx] [Mono-Mac] ImageKit bindings and sample

Regan Sarwas rsarwas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 02:40:31 EST 2011

Here is a patch for the ImageKit bindings, and a sample that exercises a
portion of it.

I noticed that all the uints in PdfKit were changed to ints, so I did the
same here.
But I am confused. What happens if a client passes a negative int to a objC
method that is expecting a uint,
It seems using uint would allow the compiler to help keep the code sane.
 What am I missing?

I made some changes to AppKit for the sample:  I added two dragging
protocols.  I only needed NSDraggingDestination, but you get the
NSDraggingSource for free.
Not sure if they are generally useful, but here they are.  I noticed a
binding for a type called
NSDragDestination which is not a Apple type, and the methods are same as
NSDraggingInfo  It seems like it should be removed, but I don't know its

It's been fun, and I've learned a ton, but I have to give up this hobby for
a month or so to complete other obligations.  Hopefully there will be more
to do when I return.

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