[Mono-osx] Dynamically add User Control (SubView) defined in the Nib

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I think "AddSubview" is the right approach. If it doesn't work, try "SetFrameOrigin" to set the subview to a right position. Be noticed that the Mac's screen coordinate is different from Windows or iOS, which starts from the left-bottom corner of the screen (WIN or iOS start from left-top corner).

I'm new to MonoMac too, hope it helps.
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Subject:  [Mono-osx] Dynamically add User Control (SubView) defined in the Nib


I'm very new to the Cocoa - Objective C programming, but I have more 
than 8 years of c# programming.
My problem is following:

How do I dynamically add a new user control (Cocoa control) to the 
The control is defined in the NIB (.nix) file.
I could not do this nor in the Interface Designer, nor in the program code.
For the "Groupbox" control I have found a method "AddSubview" which does 
nothing, but I'm just probably not using it right.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated

Have a wonderful day

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