[Mono-osx] Bundling licensing with application and licensing issues

Chris Waldron chris.waldron at booktrack.co
Tue Dec 13 20:35:28 EST 2011

I need some guidance on building Mono with your application for Mac App
Store approval.  Mono installs in the root library and this, I believe is a
no-no for Mac App Store.  On the other hand I can't be guaranteed that
users will have mono on their MacOSX system.  What is the proper process of
redistributing the Mono libraries, including mscorlib.dll and assemblies
with your application? I'm using Package Manager as I couldn't get the
MonoBundler to work.

Second, what is the proper installation text needed to accompany your
application Install text informing the user that mono is being installed
when your application is being installed; license notice, etc that is
approved by the Mac App Store?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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