[Mono-osx] Logging with NLog

Richard de Zwart mountain at xs4all.nl
Sun Aug 28 15:07:45 EDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get NLog working for my MonoMac app. I have the latest 2.0 mono-specific version, I followed the rules for setting up logging, but I cannot find any output files. I've set breakpoints on the lines where I do a logger.Debug() so I know the code gets hit.
I've tried different versions of the naming convention: appliction.exe.nlog, NLog.config, NLog.dll.nlog and I made sure the properties were set well. I can see the config files show up in my bin/Debug directory.
But no log files. 

Does this need special rights, or do the files get placed somewhere else? I tried to find the logfiles in the Finder all over my machine, but no luck.

The NLog.config is below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<nlog xmlns="http://www.nlog-project.org/schemas/NLog.xsd"
        <target name="errorFile" xsi:type="File" fileName="errors.txt" />
        <logger name="*" minlevel="Info" writeTo="errorFile" />

Thanks for helping,


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