[Mono-osx] which framework to choose?

Natalia Portillo claunia at claunia.com
Tue Sep 14 15:43:04 EDT 2010


I'm more or less in the same situation.

Cocoa# is abandoned, and MonoMac is not yet stable.
However I decided not to use Monoobjc as it does not work at all on PowerPC, and there is still market for it.

Natalia Portillo

El 14/09/2010, a las 06:44, Sebastian P.R. Gingter escribió:

> Hello,
> I'm not quite sure what framework to pick now when developing for OS X.
> I know of Cocoa#, Monobjc and now MonoMac.
> All are different approaches to bringing the cocoa API to the .NET / Mono world.
> But which one is the way to go?
> I already learned that several dropped cocoa# and switched to Monobjc. but what about MonoMac? That seems quite new and seems to be based in MonoTouch.
> So what is the 'official' Mono way of doing Mac applications?
> Regards,
>  Sebastian
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