[Mono-osx] Debugging Monomac application?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Sep 14 15:36:12 EDT 2010

> >
> > I used the MonoMac plugin from addins.monodevelop.com.
> >
> > Is this something known / a workaround available?
> For some reason the MonoMac debugger from the addins repo doesn't work
> with Mono 2.4. I haven't had time to track down why. It works fine
> with MonoDevelop trunk.

The problem was just tracked down by Jo Shields.   There is now a fix
available on GitHub, and I have asked Michael to put out a new release
that fixes this problem.

He might be waiting for some fixes to run on Mono 2.8 as well to go in
before pushing.


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