[Mono-osx] MonoMac Drag and Drop

Marcelo Martínez marcemartinez at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 15:53:54 EDT 2010


I am trying to port a simple Cocoa drag and drop sample to MonoMac but I am
not able to access NSDragginInfo members.
This is the most relevant code:

public partial class DragDropImageView : NSImageView

        public NSDragOperation DraggingEntered(NSDraggingInfo sender)
               NSPasteboard pboard = sender.DraggingPasteboard;

when sender.DraggingPasteboard is invoked it craches. The reason could be
that the sender (NSObject) has not an implementation of NSDraggingInfo
protocol on MonoMac side? What could be the guideline to work this out?


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