[Mono-osx] My Github fork for samples

Pavel Sich pavel.sich at me.com
Fri Oct 29 04:36:14 EDT 2010

I forgot to add the link to the Github. So here it is:


Pavel Sich wrote:
> For anyone interested, I have made a version on Github, where I will 
> publish the samples I convert from ObjC to Monomac.
> ATM there is a first one in progress - ButtonMadness, but will add more.
> Also as there are some APIs missing in AppKit, I will be adding those 
> to my branch, and when eventually merging samples to the main master 
> branch, will merge those as well with the current state of Monomac.
> Suggestions for samples to be converted and any ideas, are welcomed.
> Pavel
> @sichy

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