[Mono-osx] Want to help MonoMac? simple tasks here!

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sat Oct 9 15:45:48 EDT 2010


   If you are interested in helping the MonoMac effort, I have a small task
that does not require learning a lot about the binding or how to bind
things, but will help developers a lot.

   The task is to write one-line summaries for class descriptions and method
descriptions in the MonoMac API.   These summaries are used by MonoDevelop
during code completion to show a short summary of the class, the methods and
the parameters as well as the return value.

   Luckily the remarks and parameters are automatically filled out from
merging the system documentation with the MonoMac templates, but we still
need the summaries.

   To participate in this effort, check out from Git this module:


    Then edit the files in monomac/docs/en/*/*.xml, the only bit that we
need to fill out like I said are the <summary> sections.   Everything else
you can ignore.

    If you help me with this, I can spend more time completing the bindings.

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