[Mono-osx] [MonoMac] Bindings Regression Tests

kjpou kjpou at pt.lu
Mon Nov 29 23:16:27 EST 2010

No problem Miguel.  Glad to help.  Wanted to do that for the MonoTouch 
project as well but just never did.  Now is my chance to help.

That last change by Geoff was the icing on the cake.

By the way, I sent the NSPredicate and NSMetadataQuery implementations 
with sample, yesterday, to Geoff and to the list.  It will probably need 
to be wrapped with an #if directive for MonoMac as it is not available 
for MonoTouch.  At least it was not the last time I looked.  If that 
gets approved by you guys and moved in I will not have to apply those 
changes everytime I do an update.

Keep up the good work guys.


On 11/29/10 7:15 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> I just updated the maccore and monomac master sources again and all is
>> working fine!!!!!!!!!!
>> Now overriding the GetValueForKey and SetValueForKey are working as
>> well as [Connect] attribute.
> Good to hear!    And thanks for helping us with all of that great sample
> code, MonoMac is shaping up like a nice binding.

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