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I at first write the Person.cs class with C# native type but what I found
> myself doing all the time was converting to and from native to NSString all
> over the place so thought that made the code messy.  For instance in the
> SetValueForKey method.  If those methods should be using string instead of
> NSString I could change them when I find them.

We should change that, and then introduce a "LowLevelSetValueForKey" if we
need, like we do in NSDictionary for those that want to pass handles

I totally agree with you on the C# 3 features.  One of the questions that I
> was going to post was how to get around the NSDictionary use and convert
> back and forth to native Dictionary types easily.  I guess I am missing that
> part to start using more of the C# features.  An example would definitely be
> welcome on how to go about that.

The good news is that NSDictionary implements IDictionary, so we can always
treat NSDictionary in a .NET way.

The problem is that it comes with some overhead, so it might be a good idea
to write NSDictionary->Dictionary and back helper methods.
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